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Peru opens the doors for us again and this time we arrive very high ’(as we say in Puerto Rico).

We head to Punta Hermosa in Lima for the first ROCKET®️ VINYASA INMERSION in Peru.


We will carry it out “retreat style” with the curation of experiences and unique magic of Wake Your Soul to raise awareness as a family, enjoy surfing, and incidentally, train to transform your practice. The Level Up you deserve.

We will study the popular Rocket 1, 2 and 3 series developed by Larry Schultz in the 90s and also give you a taste of the lifestyle and philosophy that characterizes the collective of leaders who keep this practice alive today. Our approach to the ancient teachings of yoga allow us to live life to the fullest with intention and vitality, and that, we transmit to our students as a valuable family jewel.



Every day will begin with a session of Breathwork, Pranayama and Kriya Techniques


Followed by a guided Rocket class led by Manu.


After our breakfast break, we will have a conservatory on philosophy and theoretical mechanisms essential to the practice of Rocket.


Once it is time to move again, we will have physical conditioning sessions and specific Rocket techniques such as Float Transitions in Salutations to the Sun, Handstand and Inverted, and Low Flight transitions. (Manuel is a certified coach in F.R.C. so wait for techniques to optimize joint movement from the root of it)


Wake Your Soul will be in charge of curating extra-curricular activities to share with the family and develop beyond the mat


Some days we will finish with a second guided, restorative or Rocket Happy Happy Hour-style practice.


We take off, we lift you, we walk you, we land you (safely) and we always always always celebrate you. Here you are the experience and you are the hero of your own story.


This is your opportunity to expand your offer as a Yoga professional!


Upon completing the immersion and passing the evaluation of a licensed mentor you receive a certificate in which we consider you “Rocket Inspired”. Under this status you can start sharing the Rocket series in your classes and take the first step towards becoming a Rocket Teacher Level 1.


Are you not a teacher? No worries… All aboard :)


We happily open the doors for you to join this unique experience of raising your practice and your consciousness to the level you want. Here we will give you the space to express your essence.

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Much more than a remix of the Ashtanga Vinyasa series, the Rocket is a yoga system that was born from the interpretation of Larry Schultz when adjusting the practice to the western body. The sequences are dictated with infusions of creativity and a sense of play to elevate the spirits of the practitioners and empower them towards freedom of expression on and off the mat. Rocket 1 interprets the postures of the First Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa while Rocket 2 incorporates postures and variations of Series 2, 3 and 4 organized in such a way that practitioners of all levels can stay afloat. It is characterized by its motto "it gets you there faster" and by its "rock and roll" approach to the practice of yoga.




Punta Hermosa is a district of Lima-Peru that houses one of the best-known waves in the country.


A few hours from the city center, it is a great place to practice water sports, taste coastal gastronomy and in summer escape from the chaos of the city in search of sun and sea.




Includes  teacher trainning classes, stay for 4 nights at the Pico Alto hotel, surf classes, art therapy, reading from the Wake Your Soul Oracle, and all workshops within the retreat.

$ 990 private room (double)
$ 915 shared double room (cabin / bunkbed)
$ 865 quadruple shared room (cabins / bunkbeds)



Includes teacher trainning classes, surf classes, art therapy, surf classes, art therapy, reading from the Wake Your Soul Oracle, and all workshops within the retreat.

$ 690 early bird 12/01/22 
$ 790


All Includes:

  • Certification by Yoga Alliance with 30 hours for previously certified teachers (200-hour level)

  • Continuing Education Yoga Alliance

  • Rocket®️ Vinyasa digital manual and access to exclusive counseling chat with MO.

  • Surf lessons

  • Art therapy workshop

  • Oracle Workshop WYS

  • All the activities described in the schedule



Doesn't includes:

  • Meals

To make the reservation you must deposit an advance payment of 50% until January 12.

As of January 12, full payment must be made (100%).

The deposit can be made to any of the following account and send proof to WhatsApp

Bank Deposit:

BCP: 193-92043325-1-54
CCI: 002-19319204332515411
DNI 70778699

For PAYPAL, contact us via WhatsApp

* If there is a cancellation of the reservation of space 60 days before the withdrawal, 50% will be retained as a penalty.

*If there is a cancellation of the quota reservation 30 days before the withdrawal, 100% will be retained as a penalty.

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