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Join Manuel Oria for an epic experience in the undeniably magical Sacred Valley in Cusco. In this edition of the 200-Hour Certification Program in Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa®️ Yoga we retreat fully to the mountains in search of connecting with our authentic voice and, as a family, recognize the roots that unite us and help us inspire each other. the others. At the end of the course you will get much more than a 200-Hour certificate endorsed by Yoga Alliance. You will gain valuable tools to truly live the practice and an extended family of yogis for your new path as a practitioner of the practice that you are passionate about.

THE PROGRAM INCLUDES ONLINE MODULE and PRESENTIAL WITHDRAWAL YES! 14 days in the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru! This is your opportunity to seclude yourself in a magical space outside the hustle and bustle of the city to fully immerse yourself in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and supercharge PRANA with the comforts that Samadhi Sacred Valley offers us; majestic facilities and a first class culinary repertoire with 100% local ingredients. The package includes accommodation costs and meals in the space. Space will be limited to guarantee an intimate and enriching experience.


A brief summary…

Much more than a training ... it is an experience to raise our consciences and share the process in a family environment. Our immersion program is a hands-on training designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to be an effective Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa®️ messenger. Our approach to Ashtanga Yoga is real and adjusted to our times and circumstances. The method and regimen of practice allows the use of modifications and variations to facilitate growth and sustainability for practitioners of all levels and physical conditions. Our trainings allow you to immerse yourself in the practice of the Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary and Secondary series as well as non-traditional alternate sequences such as the famous Rocket®️ series, popularized by Larry Schultz in the 90s and taken to the global level by his devoted student David. Kyle, who is the founder of our school and my mentor.

  • We help you find your own voice inside and outside the yoga room! Your classes will be unique and beautiful like you ...

  • We train you beyond postures ... We will supplement daily with breathing exercises, joint mobility exercises and guided meditations and Mindbody Journaling.

  • We will have many group dynamics, hours of collective study to raise collective consciousness.

  • And of course ... while in Cusco ... we will have activities abroad and excursions led by locals in legendary places.

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At Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa®️ Yoga School we are committed to your development as a professional in the yoga industry. We guarantee that each graduate of the program has a competent level of pedagogical techniques to teach yoga to all levels of students. *Taking the course does not guarantee certification.



Our home for 14 days will be Samadhi Sacred Valley. An architectural paradise inspired by sacred geometry located in a wide space surrounded by mountains and an environment with ancestral traditions full of life that will allow us to make an enriching cultural immersion. We will have a large room to practice Yoga and majestic "bungalows" with a design inspired by the 7 chakras where we will have the blessing of spending the night. The culinary repertoire will make our senses experience the magic of space. All the food that will be served to us is made up of ingredients obtained in the garden. Expect to immerse yourself in the Peruvian palate, one of the most acclaimed in the world, with dishes with emblematic and indigenous ingredients such as Quinoa, Kiwicha, maca, kaniua, and more. The location will allow us to be able to connect with local communities and make expeditions for a deep immersion cultural. Sacred ruins such as Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Maras-Moray, Ñaupa Iglesia and Machu Picchu are some of the excursions that we will have the scope to do for an additional cost. More details about this we will share later ...



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This is the heart of the course! Here the details, the secret tricks and the formula for LEVEL UP your practice will be shared. The classes will be in a “walkthrough” format (Manuel dictates the class and applies the lecture while we move) or Mysore style (Students practice on their own and Manuel rotates in the classroom working individually with each student through “hand on” adjustments or instructions personalized.

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This is where we learn to have mastery of the asanas. We will work with the full spectrum of each one applying the functional anatomy and mobility components. They will learn to provide “hands on” adjustments and modifications for all types of students. All the positions of the First Series and select positions of the Second Series are worked.

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The theoretical part that supports us behind the scenes! For the "99% practice, 1% theory" to work ... that 1% has to be very important. We use “active learning” techniques to make the experience smooth and effective. Nobody falls asleep :)




This is the spark that will ignite the creative flow to make your practice experience deeper and from there set up your classes. From here we will start to develop pedagogical techniques of excellence "If you didn't write it, it didn't happen ..."

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  • Rigorous study of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series

  • The art of creating alternate sequences and modifications

  • Therapeutic adjustments for each asana

  • In-depth research on the ancient teachings of Bandha and Pranayama

  • Philosophy discussions based on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and modern thinkers

  • Conferences on Functional Anatomy and application to yoga asana.

  • State-of-the-art mobility conditioning exercises

  • How to teach yoga for all levels of students


  • 100% attendance to face to face and virtual classes

  • Turn in all assigned work

  • Pass the practical evaluation *The evaluation may be in person or submitted after the course with a video.




The course is designed for you to walk through all dimensions of learning. It contains three phases that will take you from self-study to celebrating your acquaintances with the group


Once the registration process is finished, they will be admitted to the PAVY 200 Portal, where they will find all the materials and instructions pertinent to the course. This phase is completely ON DEMAND but you will have access to communication with your teacher and other students. As you watch the lectures, you can take notes and answer some questions on your final exam;)

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TO WARM ENGINES ... We met for a weekend at Zoom to meet each other for the first time, to cover doubts regarding the material, to cover our first Functional Anatomy module and later in the week we will have two guided classes transferred from Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico.



We immerse ourselves fully in the wave of Yoga! Away from the city and our technological distractions. There will be space to learn, to question, to reflect, to laugh, to share and to see ourselves shine.

"For the past 10 years, I have dedicated my life to this practice. It has motivated me to search for the necessary tools to give direction and cadence to my life. It has opened doors for me to meet wonderful people who have helped me to know myself. My mission is to inspire you to live your practice and your philosophy. So your skills flow naturally and inspire others. I want to take you to connect with your essence and celebrate your voice. Accompany you in your triumphs, and also your failures, and finally, witness together what unites us as humans."

— Manuel Oria



About Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa®️ Yoga School. It is a global collective of yogis led by David Kyle, aka "Baba Rocket", who specializes in adapting the ancient techniques of traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa to the natural evolution of the modern body in order to facilitate access to the practice for all and all without distinction of abilities. Traditional sequences such as the Primary Series and Intermediate Series can be subject to modifications or variations to adjust to the needs and conditions of each individual. The practice regimen includes the traditional series, shorter and therapeutic series such as the famous "First Modified Series" the Rocket I, Rocket II and Rocket III Series developed by Larry Schultz, which allow us to fly through various orbits of creativity and freedom. The school was founded by David Kyle in 2005 and since then has graduated hundreds of yoga teachers in Puerto Rico and around Planet Earth. The pulse of the school lives and resonates in the body of instructors and their respective communities. More than just a school, we consider ourselves a great global family that is dedicated to sharing the love and potential for positive change that flourishes from the practice, #mettamafia! We have a corps of coaches, teachers, students and friends to help you find your authentic voice on and off the mat.



$2,500 if paid in full on or before May 19

¿What includes?

  • Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa®️ 200 Tuition Fees

  • Stay in Samadhi Sacred Valley from July 19 to August 1

  • Meals at Samadhi Sacred Valley facilities

  • Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa®️ Materials Digital Pack

  • Weekend Virtual Seminar with Manuel

  • Unlimited access to the course's digital portal with recorded lectures, tutorials, classes, supplementary materials and readings.



You can separate your space with a deposit of $ 700 USD


All payments will be made through the Mindbody Online platform of Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa®️ Yoga School All credit cards are accepted


*Does not include flight tickets and transportation
*Excursions abroad will have an additional cost
* We have a strict no-return policy, including the deposit. In case of not being able to attend after making the deposit, you can request to transfer the amount to another training date or another P.A.V.Y. with Manuel Oria.

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