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Wake Your Soul:  Huayhuash Adventure



August 26 - September 03 2023


Huaraz, Peru

A challenging, exciting and totally rewarding journey.

We will cross the Huayhuash Mountains in 8 days, plus one day of acclimatization, crossing passes between 4,600 and 5,000 meters above sea level, camping near lagoons located under dreamy snow-capped peaks, following trails that take us to viewpoints from where the views are impressive. We will visit legendary places, surrounded by a great diversity of wild and mystical flora and fauna. The classic circuit is considered one of the 10 best hiking circuits in the world. Community, temporary family, we will be together on this occasion to cross this portal of personal transformation. The body will be our vehicle of passage, we will nourish it with healthy superfoods, we will practice yoga in the virgin mountains of the Huayhuash mountain range, we will do conscious breathing exercises to connect from the depths with our inner strength, with the pure energy of Creation. With all our potential as human beings we will advance together in this maximum experience. The mind will be our greatest ally to observe, discover and express that will of fire that we all carry inside. We will have support and motivating talks that will inspire us to grow and to take these tools home with us, on a daily basis, to be able to put into practice what the mountain will teach us. Nature will be our teacher, are you ready to listen to it?


9 days, 8 nights


  • This trip is recommended for people who enjoy long walks, who are in good health and like to practice sports.​

  • Once you have made the decision to participate, we recommend that you prepare yourself by doing sports, cardiovascular activity and/or long walks weekly so that you can enjoy the adventure.



Day 1

Saturday, August 26

Arrival in Huaraz

The adventure begins!

See the full day It is recommended to take a bus or flight that arrives in Huaraz on August 25 in the afternoon. We will have a welcome circle with all the participants. This afternoon will be rest.


Day 2

Sunday, August 27

Lagoon 69


See the full day We left the hotel at 5:30 am by bus to Cebollapampa, with a stop in Llanganuco. There we will have breakfast and begin a walk of approximately 3 hours to the lake. Then we will return by bus (3 hours) to Huaraz to arrive at approximately 5:30 pm.

Laguna-Mitucocha (1).webp

Day 3

Monday, August 28

Huaraz - Mitucocha

Aprox. 3 h-bus / 4 h-walk

See the full day Breakfast. A private transport will pick us up at dawn to take us on our first day of hiking. Following the left bank of the Pativilca River we will ascend to the valley of the Llamac River to the community of Pocpa and then to our destination: Cuartelwaín, where our muleteers and service personnel will receive us and share our journey. We begin our journey ascending towards the Cacananpunta pass (4,750 masl). Here we will be able to admire landscapes of incredible beauty: to the north the reddish waters of the Pucacocha lagoons, and the beautiful eastern peaks of the Huayhuash mountain range. Later we will go to the Mitucocha camp, located at the foot of the Jirishanca Chico (5,544 masl), Jirishanca Grande (6,094 masl) and Rondoy (5,789 masl) peaks. Rest, dinner and overnight.


Day 4

Tuesday, August 29

Mitucocha - Carhuacocha

Aprox. 5 h

See the full day Breakfast. Today's walk will take us to the Vizcas pass (4,650 masl) where we will appreciate the east face of Jirishanca. Later, we will descend to our camp, located on the shores of the Carhuacocha lagoon, accompanied by the Siulá (6,344 masl), Yerupajá (6,634 masl), Yerupajá Chico (6,121 masl) and Jirishanca (6,094 masl) snow-capped mountains. Los Cedros-Alpamayo Program


Day 5

Wednesday, August 30

Carhuacocha -Huayhuash

Aprox. 7 h

See the full day Breakfast. We leave Carhuacocha behind and head towards the Huayhuash camp. This will be a hard day since we will cover around 14 km through a steep path that takes us to the Carnicero pass (4,800 masl). From the viewpoint we will appreciate the three beautiful lagoons of the Siulá canyon. At sunset we will receive another gift from nature: the Atogshaico lagoons, which will comfort our fatigue, and the mountains of Carnicero (5,960 masl), Jurau (5,674 masl) and El (5,664 masl). Dinner and overnight.


Day 6

Thursday, August 31

Huayhuash -Trapecio - Huanacpatay

Aprox. 10 h

See the full day Breakfast. We will start the hardest day of the circuit with a 4-hour ascent to the Trapecio pass (5,050 masl). Then we will descend next to the mountains of Puscanturpa and Cuyoc to reach Yanapampa. Then we will ascend to the San Antonio pass (4,700 masl) from where we will obtain the most spectacular view of the mountain range, and then descend to the Huanacpatay camp. Dinner and overnight.


Day 7

Friday, September 1st

Huanacpatay - Huatiac

Aprox. 7 h

See the full day Breakfast. After a brief rest we will flank the left side of the Calinca ravine to reach the town of Huayllapa (3,300 masl) where we will have a box lunch before camping in the Huatiac hills in front of the snowy Diablo Mudo. Rest, dinner and overnight. Los Cedros-Alpamayo Program.


Day 8

Saturday, September 2nd

Huatiac - Jahuacocha

Aprox. 7 h

See the full day Breakfast. We will cross two high passes: Col de Tapush (4,750 masl) and Col Yaucha (4,847 masl). The tour begins at the Tapush tip (4,750 masl), to border the Susucocha lagoons (4,600 masl) next to the Diablo Mudo snow-capped mountain, and then descends towards the Yaucha pampas. The day ends on the shores of the Jahuacocha lagoon, in front of the Jirishanca snow-capped mountains. Rest, dinner and overnight.


Day 9

Sunday, September 3rd

Jahuacocha - Pocpa -Huaraz

Aprox. 4 h-walk / 3 h-bus

See the full day Breakfast. On the last day of our trip, the Huayhuash mountains are left behind, barely making out the small peaks of the Rosario mountain range. After two hours of walking we will be in the queñuales forest of Warmi Huañush (where the woman dies). Hummingbirds and other brightly colored birds give us a space of peace and charm. Then we will descend to the picturesque town of Pocpa, the birthplace of our muleteers, where the private transport awaits us that will take us to the town of Chiquián, where we will stop for lunch before heading to the city of Huaraz.

What to bring

To enroll yourself in the Huayhuash Adventure trek you will need:

1 backpack with a load capacity of 60 to 70 L/ 15 -17 gallons Sleeping bag (must be lightweight, 0 degree F. rated, down or synthetic and compressible) 1 warm jacket or parka 3 pairs of outdoor pants (jeans are not recommended as they are difficult to dry when wet) warm sweaters 2 - 4 pairs of wool socks T-shirts, shirts, hats or caps 1 set of warm underwear such as long johns and long T-shirts 1 pair of good hiking boots 1 pair of slippers 1 set of waterproof clothing for light rain, such as a combination of pants and jacket or a good poncho 1 bottle of water of 1 liter capacity 1 pocket knife or hunting knife 1 pair of sunglasses (VERY IMPORTANT!) A supply of sunscreen or sunscreen lotion and lip balm (VERY IMPORTANT!) personal medications Underwear, personal items and toiletries. 1 pair of fleece pants 1 wool or fleece hat Headlamp and batteries (bring at least 2 spare sets) 1 pair of gloves (wool or gore-tex shell) Optional: Trekking poles (recommended) Thermarest sleeping pad Camera diary and pens


What is included?

  • All activities described.

  • Food: vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner as part of the trekking experience and acclimatization.

  • Airplane tickets are not included.

  • Transports outside the trekking experience are not included.

Payment options


Offer if you register with a friend (prices per person):


Early Payment Offer until July 17 (prices per person):


Regular prices per person:


Spaces available: 9

To make the reservation, an advance payment of 50% must be deposited until June 15. As of June 15, full payment (100%) must be made. The deposit can be made to any of the following accounts and send proof to Whatsapp or to BCP: 193-91930485-0-73 ICC: 002-19319193048507318 ID 70778699 ILLARY MARIA VENDRAMINI LOPEZ ***RECOMMENDATIONS Trusted airlines: Latam and Sky. * If there is a cancellation of the quota reservation 60 days before the withdrawal, 50% will be withheld as a penalty. * If there is a cancellation of the quota reservation 30 days before the withdrawal, 100% will be withheld as a penalty.


  • 1. ¿Necesito tener experiencia en algo para asistir?
    ¡No, todos son bienvenidos! Esta experiencia está diseñada para que personas de todas las edades y estilos de vida puedan disfrutar, mientras aprenden a incorporar hábitos saludables a sus vidas. Al terminar el viaje estarás muy inspirado y motivado para cambiar detalles de tu vida que te harán sentir más ágil, lleno de energía y en armonía con tu cuerpo.
  • 2. ¿Qué necesito llevar?
    Les enviaremos una lista de recomendaciones cuando estemos a dos semanas del viaje. Habrán algunos elementos básicos que le serán útiles. P.ej. mochila cómoda para nuestra caminata, zapatos cómodos para caminar y ropa adecuada para el clima. No necesitas traer mat de ejercicio.
  • 3. ¿Están incluidos los vuelos?
     No. Ya que cada quien viene de distintos lugares, países y con distintos tiempos personales, los vuelos no están incluidos en el precio de las Experiencias Wake Your Soul. Todos los vuelos son organizados por los huéspedes.
  • 4. Estoy pensando en venir solo; ¿Eso esta bien?
    ¡Absolutamente! Algo maravilloso de estas experiencias es conocer gente nueva y formar amistades. También está bien venir con un amigo/pareja; tenemos opciones para compartir cama doble/queen.
  • 5. ¿Tenemos que seguir el programa de actividades o podemos hacer lo nuestro?
    La Experiencia Wake Your Soul a la cual te unes se ejecutará en un programa de actividades, algunas de las cuales están sujetas a límites de tiempo. Por supuesto, puede no participar en las actividades si lo desea, si es que tiene algún compromiso de por medio simplemente debe notificarnos con anticipación.
  • 6. ¿Cuál es la edad mínima y el rango de edad promedio?
    La edad mínima es 18 años. Por lo general, los huéspedes interesados ​​tienen entre 20 y 60 años, pero damos la bienvenida a personas de todas las edades que deseen divertirse y disfrutar de la naturaleza.
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